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No matter what device you use anywhere, cloud SMS ( will help you receive SMS from anywhere in the world. Cloud SMS ( has a large number of temporary phone numbers that allow you to receive SMS from all over the world. This is to help you register an account more conveniently. Every month we will provide a new temporary phone number to stop you from receiving text messages from anywhere in the world. You can check back later, as we may add temporary numbers for new countries (regions).

Receive SMS for Free

This service is free, and cloud SMS ( promises to be free forever. You can receive many text messages every day for free. We have no limit on the number of SMS messages that each user can get every day. Whenever you find yourself in need of SMS verification, our free SMS platform can always help you achieve it without paying any fees. We know that you will find our free SMS receiving service useful, so please help us promote it instead. Remember to tell them that it is free.

Protect your privacy

Unlike before, many websites and apps now always ask for your phone number before registering, verifying, or activating your account. Providing your phone number may expose you to many risks. . The phone number provided to you through cloud SMS (, instead of revealing your own number, our platform will keep your secrets secret. We will not keep text messages for more than 24 hours. We will not collect any personal data about you.

Speed ​​and reliability

By visiting the webpage, your text messages will arrive at the first time. After receiving the verification or activation SMS, you can receive the verification code sent by us within a few seconds, and you can refresh the page immediately! Help you receive SMS online for free.



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